Learning environments from ABC to PhD.

Our best work is for the future.

Our education spaces are welcoming, inviting and functional. We focus on flexibility, adaptability, and functionality so students and educators can focus on learning. Designs for classrooms, presentation halls, training centers, campus cafes, and collaborative spaces are all met through considered design solutions to meet the needs of every teacher, student and faculty.

And budgets and timelines are always our top priority.

Kids Today | K-12 Environments

Creating inspiring spaces for education is our sweet spot. With decades of experience in conceiving innovative learning environments, we understand this industry’s unique challenges and responsibilities. We are also proud supporters of the education of hundreds of thousands of students in the communities we serve. Visit our Feed Your Core page to learn how our clients become our causes.


Higher and Higher | Colleges, Universities, Trade Schools and Training Programs

Campuses are increasingly 24/7, 365, and spaces are working harder than ever. With round-the-clock access in spaces like libraries and lecture halls, most modern campuses are doing double and triple duty. By determining a full spectrum of usage, we help you program every square foot by determining primary use and planned evolution, while prioritizing accessibility and technology integrations.

From the mouths… of teachers

Peer reviewed research proves that educational experiences are improved by spaces designed to support learning. Our designers and partner manufacturers create flexible environments that focus on the learning experience as a whole to make modern classrooms work.


Professional supporters

Our education partners are the best spokespeople for the spaces we create together. If you would like to know more about our expertise in education environments, we’d be happy to show you recent projects.


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